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The Importance of Community

The existence of the community was the project of God, now that project has been fulfilled. From the first man that God created whose name is Adam, it was important that he gets someone to live with. God saw it, loved it and realized in. That is how he created a partner, a wife to Adam. That partner’s name was Eve. With this new creature, Adam is now stable and happy because he has found someone to talk to, to share his innermost thoughts, ideas, and love. Those two creatures’ lives were balanced because they were together. There is no doubt that they became more balanced as they borne children and become a solid family. And as their children got married, they became a community and mighty to do amazing things that one person or two could not afford to do.

So, the community has been important in ancient times, and it will continue to be even in the present and future times. Community is good for the positive people and for the weary ones. But that will only remain so if the community remains in the hand and plan of God. God has put love, kindness, peace, faithfulness, joy just all necessary strength in the community so that people will find solutions to their problems and paths to their dreams. Therefore, there has to be support among people and not hatred or jealousy. Like, someone who is gifted by God for doing something, the rest of the people in the community should support them with an open heart in whatever way they can. And the one, who is gifted should also use their ability and talents not to destroy the community but to advance it and create more opportunities for the best of all the people.

Community is all about getting connected with one another so that one gets to know the weakness and susceptibility of the other and see how to help them. In the community, for example, there are people who do not believe in God, because they have never tasted of his goodness. Perhaps, these are the people who have been living miseries and bitterness of life. They do not know what joy is. None has shown kindness and faithful to them. And consequently, such people have hated everyone, even themselves. These are the people whom when they see no more hope in life, and because they do not know that God can change their seasons, they decide to commit suicide or engage in the body destroying activities. But the history, facts and the truth, have all proved that those people can change by the power of the community. If one person knows them, they can great a team and gradually integrate them back in the community, by using easy and positive approaches including showing them kindness and teaching them the love of God through Jesus Christ.

The truth is, there are already, great examples of people who came from the darkness of hating everything and start loving themselves and everyone around them and finally opened their hearts to God. It does not matter how long it might take, just people have to continue trying it, until that good lost friend feels life again and becomes the pillar of the community and join others in every good activity and spend the rest of their days in joy, peace and every good work that gives glory back to God.

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