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Improving Healthcare Services Through Technology.

Technology has really improved the quality of service provision in the various industries such as businesses and the healthcare industry. For the healthcare industry there are several introductions which have improved the connection between doctors and patients and simplifying the whole process in general. Patients are catered for by telemedicine as it makes it possible to get treatment even when not near healthcare centers by using devices to connect. It is not pleasant to find patients who have some health problems but bad roads or transport systems make it hard for them to access medical services. Telemedicine has created digital platforms that get rid of location barriers to help patients and doctors to connect and discuss their problems for solutions.

Artificial intelligence has also helped the healthcare industry by making some processes more faster and accurate. It is possible for doctors to diagnose patients using artificial intelligence which analyzes for symptoms and suggest the problem in a short time. Usually the healthcare industry needs to provide fast services as it could save someone’s life and the quick results from artificial intelligence make this possible. Diagnosis of eye problems has been made faster and easier through artificial intelligence and if it is designed for other conditions it will improve service provision. Chatbots are other technological advancements that make the healthcare industry better by helping to communicate with patients.

Patients present questions and signs or symptoms of some problems which are answered by the chatbots to make things clearer. For patients who might forget to take prescriptions the chatbots come in handy to alert them when the time to take prescription is near. The healthcare industry has been improved by the internet of things by making more important information available concerning patients. There are smart devices worn by patients and they collect their vitals such as heartbeat rate and blood pressure then send the data in real-time to doctors. Some smart pills designed using the internet of things make it possible for doctors to monitor the inside of patients and give feedback in real-time.

Way finding systems are useful for helping patients locate nearby medical services as it directs the patient step by step until they get there. Patients can use the way finding systems to get directions to health facilities and be advised on the shortest routes to use. The location based applications are connected with systems for hospitals and give directions to users based on the schedules to avoid time wastage. Predictive analysis allows doctors to use the lots of data to create helpful information that may be important to get solutions for a problem long before the problem starts through finding patterns that suggest the likelihood of that problem.

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