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Music is food for soul to those who love music and especially hip hop even though each individual has their own tastes and preferences in terms of the kind of music they like listening to. In that case, there is a need to choose a kind of music that you like and try to listen to the information sung therein. Most hip hop music can be said to be a reflection of some events or happenings in society. This could be events or happenings both good and bad some imaginary and others based on true stories of things that have happened in society. Music and especially hip hop help make complaints or appeals in a manner that will influence the thoughts, feelings and influence people’s reactions. Hip hop can help people pay tribute to their loved ones that they have lost on painful ways through murder, disease or even accidents.

Music helps people create history that could have been forgotten but through music it becomes alive and lives for generations. If one person is killed in an inhumane way and a hip hop kind of music is set for their remembrance explaining how events occurred, it becomes easy for them to get preserve this music because it will help in explaining the events that occurred years back. In other words hip hop music can help preserve memories and help people not to forget where they have come from and what has happened to them in the past. People keep singing in different ways and with time their music keeps evolving to be finer and finer as they keep learning better ways to refine their music. Sometimes rappers dwell on one topic but after realizing that hip hop music can be the kind of music speaking to people in the community, the idea of including a variety of topics has been adopted and people in the current generation have opted to speak about the good things that happen in society and the vices as well through music especially hip hop.

It should be noted that with music you can be able to talk to people very far away even without having to get there yourself. This is the reason music is a powerful instrument that can be used to change lives. People use hip hop to speak to masses and appeal to them to change their attitudes and perceptions. In that regard music has been adopted to be a mirror reflecting the happenings in society especially when the people need to be influenced to change their ways or keep going the same direction that they are said to be going especially if it is a good thing. Music can go a long way to speak to billions across the globe even when the authors and composers of such music have never been to such places. This is what makes it powerful and influential because it can be used to mobilize masses for a united cause. Hip hop is very popular because through it governments can be out to check.

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