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Important Information about Contempt of Court

Self-determining states have proper structures that help them to govern its citizens effectively. The main role of the government is to provide a pool that collects taxes which are used to run all vital aspects and services provided by the government. Some of the branches of many governments include, defense, agriculture, transport, trade and health.

The government has got three important branches which watch over the actions of each other. This is the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. The executive is the chief of government and is run through well-structured independent and interdependent ministries. The ministries formulate policies, provide essential services and manage government operations. The legislature on the other hand are elected by the populace. The legislature make laws that help run the federal or state governments. The judiciary are the guardians of the law hence they interpret the law of the land, and preside over civil and criminal cases.

After legislature have made laws in parliament, the judiciary guards and executes the law. The courts are stationed all over the nation to manage civil and criminal cases. If any person or institution is in doubt of the interpretation of a certain aspects of the law, the courts clarify it. They are able to do this because they are trained on legal matters and are given authority to preside over court case. Court decisions must be held in high regard. If a party is not satisfied by the decision of any court they are allowed to appeal in a higher court for further interpretation of the law and determination of their case. The highest court in the land is usually the Supreme Court and their decision is final. In the absence of an appeal, all parties involved in a legal matter must adhere to the decision of the court. Any intolerance to court decisions is referred to as contempt of court.

All citizen, firms, and government institution are expected to abide by the decision of the courts. Disregard of any court decision can cause a court to declare that such a person is in contempt. Behaving improperly in court or ignoring court decision will cause a person, firm or organization to be in contempt of court. Contempt of court is a serious charge and is punishable by law. This can land such a person or persons in jail or they can be slapped with a fine. The law directs the courts on the amount of fine or maximum period of time any person can be punished for contempt of court. If the person accused of being in contempt defends themselves and convinces the court to change its mind, they can be let off the hook.

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