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How To Pass The Bar Exam In One Take

Why do you think some find it easy to just get through the bar exams and pass while some have to take it more than once in order to succeed? If you are expecting to take this exam anytime soon, you might be wondering how you yourself might do when your turn comes along. Needless to say, this thought alone could be causing you sleepless nights, wondering if you will make the cut. The bar exam is a tough hurdle to face, but many just like you have taken it on and achieved success. Needless to say, you will need all the help you can get, so go over the following tips you can keep in mind in order for you to join the ranks of successful lawyers who have made it.

Consider the following points when preparing for that bar exam:

1. Focus on your review. Many who have achieved success in this rigorous exam have had to reorder their lives in such a way that they are able to make their preparation for it their main goal. Everything you do during this review time should be done towards the goal of getting prepared for it and passing it, preferably with just one take.

If you have a job, you need to take a leave of absence from it and free yourself from the distractions it will surely create. If you cannot apply for a leave of absence, ask to work part-time for the couple or so months you need to review the subject matter. You can also make adjustments to your daily schedule—at work as well as at home—to accommodate this. Discuss your plans with family, friends, and colleagues that they may help you avoid distractions.

A great number of bar passers have attributed their success to the significant time they were able to pursue their review material study. It is considered good advice then to follow in the footsteps of many who have made it through the experience.

2. Map out a study guide and schedule. Anticipate the time you need to fully cover the topics you need to study. The schedule will give you ample time to finish the material you need to review, thus avoiding the stress associated with study-cramming. You do not study overnight for the bar. Make a list of what needs to be covered. Decide on how you want the flow of your study and assign time for each material over the period of your review.

Consider your material and schedule appropriately according to how much time each topic may need, possibly allowing more for those which you have some difficulty with and less for that which you think you already know better.

Think about where you can study most effectively and include that in your plan. There are those who like to listen to some music while studying, so if you are one of those, include this in your plans. Whatever it is that can help you study better, then do it. Stay in a place which feels to you the most conducive for your study efforts.

(3) Factor in break time. While the exam preparation for the bar is quite challenging, it is also important that you take time off from studying to help your brain relax. Recharging your brain as well as your body can be achieved in short breaks in between study periods, and can be quite advantageous in the long run as it prevents the brain from crashing from too much information.

This is something that you have to balance delicately, especially if you are a parent. Some take a break from study in order to take care of their children and their children’s needs, but this should not be. So if this is true for you, your plans must include having someone take care of those chores for you or watch your children because the breaks from review are intended for you to free your mind from worry. So you will not feel as if you are neglecting them, do schedule your time to be able to spare a day during every week of review to just chill out with your kids or your spouse.

(4) Physical exercise must be part of your schedule. Some think that physical exertion will make them too tired to study and leave off exercise during review periods. Contrary to that, exercise is actually a great way to keep your brain energized, as the activity will allow blood flow to your brain to increase thus giving it the boost in oxygen that is crucial to keeping it sharp. Plus, however unconsciously it may occur, exercise actually gives your brain the opportunity to integrate the material you have studied.

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