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Telltale Signs Country Living is Waving at You

There are so many options when it comes to relocating from big house, short house, tall house, small house, country house, city house and everything in between. Speaking of country house however, these do offer plenty of advantages. As for those who lived in the city, the country might be appealing. In the next paragraphs, you are going to learn the signs that you’re all set to bid your goodbyes to metro living and start opening a new chapter in your life in country.

Number 1. Tired of neighbors – there are many good reasons for having neighbors like the borrowed sugar occasionally. Even though, they can also be the root cause of some problems. These issues could be poor lawn care, loud parties, habit of throwing thrash to your driveway and so forth. All of these may cause feuds between you and them.

However, when you have country living, you can free yourself from such stress. Living in the country does not necessarily mean that you’ll be free from neighbors but, the space between you and your neighbors are far enough to have enough privacy.

Number 2. Bigger yard – in cities, it offers a huge variety of yard selections from backyards that have trampoline, croquet set, swing set and the likes. It can even include yards that are large enough to become a toy poodle toilet. Again, the size will vary a lot. Still, even in the biggest city yards, it is incomparable to country yards. City yards are being measured by feet but in country yards, it’s measured by acres. So, if you’re looking for a yard that’s so big you can do everything you can think of, country yard is just the thing for you.

Number 3. You’re fed up of city life – the city is perfect for a number of things such as taverns, shopping malls and restaurants. Everything’s within distance. However, a city can come with a number of problems too like noise, pollution and crime to be some of the leading examples. With country lifestyle, while you are not entirely free of the issues mentioned, at least there are less likely of these cases being reported. With less congestion and people, country lifestyle is normally quieter and more peaceful at the same time. These are two things that no city can give.

Number 4. A breath of fresh air – there’s country air or air that do smells like flowers and pine trees. Then again, there’s the city air where it smells more like car exhausts. While some people prefer the latter, there are fare share of people who wants country air. For those who want to breathe in fresh air, then country living is the best for you. It is far from traffics, semis, smoke stacks and also, country air makes it possible for you to breathe without having to wonder what you’re inhaling into your body. This makes country living the top choice for those who want a relaxing and peaceful life after retirement.

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