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The Main Reasons that Caused Mick Taylor to Walk Away from the Stones

It is common knowledge that Mick Taylor as part of the Rolling stones band for a number of years. In that band, Mick Taylor was the lead guitarist. Mick Taylor was the lead guitarist for the rolling stones for a period of 6 years from 1969 to the years 1974 when he left the band. There are a number of albums where Mick Taylor played for the band. The albums include, “Sticky fingers”, “Let it bleed”, and “Exile on Main St.” if you were a fan of the rolling stones, you must have really felt the impact of his leaving the band. The reason that caused Mick Taylor to walk away from the band that he played for a number of years was never really known. Sure, there were many speculations as to why he chose to left the band. But all this was just speculation.

Recently, Mick Taylor gave an exclusive interview to Madhouse Magazine. In the interview, Mick Taylor finally revealed the reason that’s caused his exit. According to Mick Taylor. The moment he joined the band, everything seemed fine. Not just with his talents but also his relations with the other band members. However, it did not take very long for another band member, Keith, to start playing pranks on him. There is this one time that Keith told Mick Taylor that they were supposed to dress up as Queen Elizabeth before they went for a certain press conference. When Mick Taylor got to the press conference, he was shocked when he found out that no one else apart from him was in costume. To make matters worse, all the other band members started laughing at him. That experience really had a negative impact on him.

Another common prank that Keith would pull on Mick Taylor was to cause him to pee himself. Keith achieved this by placing Mick Taylor’s hand in a bowl of warm water as he slept. This was a prank that mostly happened on the plane while Mick Taylor was dead asleep. Then there was this bad behavior of Keith directing so many pizza deliveries to Mick Taylor’s room. To add to that Keith would also place Mick Taylor’s guitar picks in Jello every time. Keith also had a very bad habit of farting in his hands and rubbing that hand on Mick Taylor’s face.

All these pranks that were pulled on Mick Taylor contributed to his exit from the band. The last thing that Keith did which finally pushed Mick Taylor over the edge was a prank that he did on Mick Taylor in the year 1974. This prank happened as the band was recording “It’s only Rock n Roll”. Keith was not really feeling the music that Mick Taylor was playing. So Keith waited until later that night and gave Mick Taylor a very painful atomic wedgie. A fight broke out but Charlie was able to break it off before it got out of hand. All the above reasons are why Mick Taylor left the band.

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