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Understanding Colloidal Silver and Its Health Benefits

For several centuries, silver had been used to fight harmful bacteria and preserve food. A simple illustration is a practice of dropping a silver coin into milk to keep it from spoiling and extend its life. Nowadays, colloidal silver seems to be gaining popularity once again and for the same old reason – its ability to stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other potentially harmful microorganisms. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what it really is, its correct use, and whether or not it is safe for human consumption.

Defining Colloidal Silver

First off, colloidal silver is a water solution in which nano-sized silver particles are suspended. Such particles are so tiny that they could not be filtered out using usual machines or methods.

So what is behind colloidal silver as a health supplement? As mentioned, it is believed to have the ability to neutralize disease-causing microbes, but without creating resistance or immunity to organisms as antibiotics do. According to research, colloidal silver can prevent illness by attaching to and damaging proteins that make us sick.

Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Research indicates that colloidal silver is a wide-spectrum antimicrobial that may provide the following benefits:

Faster Skin Healing

Colloidal silver is often used to fast-track skin healing, soothing minor burns and relieving many common skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, and many more.
This particular benefit of colloidal silver is attributed to its powerful anti-fungal properties and its ability to repair tissue damage. Colloidal silver is commonly available in gel form and is typically used to treat minor skin irritation and wounds.

Improved Respiratory System

More recent studies show that colloidal silver can be helpful when used as a nasal rinse to relieve symptoms of different conditions involving the respiratory system, such as sinusitis. Patients who develop sinus infections can use colloidal silver to fight the bacteria and expect improvements in symptoms without any significant side effects. Colloidal silver even works for something as ordinary as the common cold.

Using Colloidal Silver Right

There are so many products made of colloidal silver these days. Their potency depends mainly on depending on their colloidal silver content, as well as their shape and size. More silver nanoparticles mean more silver ions are released, and it’s these ions that are working to fight bacteria as well as other organisms that can wreak havoc in the body.

However, when buying colloidal silver, be sure that it’s composed of real silver colloids and has no other proteins or any other added substances. A lot of products nowadays are actually ionic silver, which is cheaper but not as effective as genuine colloidal silver. You will find them in many different forms, from topical solutions to nasal sprays and so on. Some even come as intravenous formulations. In any case, do your research before deciding to try any. As soon as you find a good quality product, read the label meticulously so you know the right dosage. As with anything in this world, too much colloidal silver won’t be good for you.

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