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Tips for Buying a Wig for the First Time

Wigs nowadays can be made from the finest human hair strands, and several have features that make them extremely comfortable for users with sensitive scalps brought on by medical conditions and procedures like alopecia areata and chemotherapy. Whatever is causing your hair loss, the following are pointers for buying your first hair wig:

Know more about wig terms and features.

What do these terms mean exactly: silk cap, wefted and Remy, lace front? Of course, these are just a few of what you have to know. Now is the best time to be acquainted with wig features, their benefits, and the factors that affect their prices.

Choose natural.

One great tip if you’re buying a wig for the first time is to copy your natural hair back when you liked it best. Any new and different styles can be considered for your succeeding purchases.

Get wig fitting!

There are several wig shops online, and the moment you have an idea of the look you want as well as what works for you, they can be a good option to consider. But before that, book a wig fitting so you can try on various styles. Those in the wig industry are usually experts in wigs and hair loss, so they can surely help you decide on the best wig to buy.

Ask for a friend’s advice.

Having a friend or relative when you go wig fitting can be a huge help. It’s always great to have someone you can give you support and honest feedback.

More expensive isn’t always better.

Don’t think that a more expensive wig is automatically right for you. Wig technology and modern designers have produced various inexpensive options of wigs that are as natural-looking as you’d want them to be.

Continue seeing your hairstylist.

Because a human hair wig can be cut and styled as much as natural hair, you can continue those salon visits when you want to get a new look once in a while. Some wigs, in fact, will look better after a haircut that takes into consideration the unique contours of your face.

Know the difference between artificial and real hair wigs.

You can do pretty much anything to human hair wigs – heat-style, cut, part and so on – and in most cases, they have lace-fronts that give you a very natural-looking hairline. On the other hand, synthetic wigs aren’t as natural looking or behaving, they dry more quickly when washed, and they require a special Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, don’t have the exact appearance and behavior of natural hair, are quicker to dry after washing, and need a shampoo that is particularly made for them. They are also often cheaper than natural hair wigs. By making the right considerations, getting your first wig shouldn’t have to be so nerve-wracking. Get one that helps you feel more confident, feels comfortable on your scalp, and is right for your type of hair loss.

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