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The Various Steps of Performing Astral Projection

Astral projection can be defined as the process where the astral body departs from the physical body and moves to the astral plane. The main causes of astral projection may be due to experiencing things that would have resulted in death if they occurred. Astral projection may also result when one is ill and the body is not functioning well. However, this is not the case at all times. Astral projection may be practiced at will by an individual. There are a given number of steps that one has to follow in order to attain astral projection. The steps are grouped into three parts. The first part is all about the preparation phase. The first step of the preparation phase is starting the astral projection in the morning.

Astral projection is not only for the night. One can practice it in the morning when they are still sleepy. The benefit of practicing it at dawn is that it makes to be relaxed and become more cautious of their environment. The next step is creating the right atmosphere. For astral projection to take place it requires deep relaxation. This means that one should perform it in the place where they find the best comfort. For it to work best one should be alone to avoid destructions as well as noise. One should also ensure that there is no interference from other external factors such as light and therefore one should always draw the curtains and ensure the room is shielded to any destructive noises.

Lying down and relaxing is the third procedure of the first phase. One should lie at their best posture and ensure they clear their mind with any destructive thoughts. Focusing on body feelings should be the only thing that one practices. One should ensure that the muscles to are comfortable. This is done by flexing and relaxing them in a rhythmic motion and mostly from the toes to the head. One should also breathe deeply and ensure that the mind is only focused on breathing. The second phase involves moving the soul from the body. The first step of this phase is ensuring the body achieves a hypotonic phase. In this stage one allows the body to move towards sleeping but one should ensure they do not completely become unconscious.

One should allow the mind to wander around many events but not those that build up stress. The second step is entering into a vibration state. In this phase, the soul is preparing to leave the body and wavy frequencies may be felt throughout the body. The next step is using the mind to move the soul from the body. Here you imagine the departing from the body and moving to your desired destination. This point is the toughest and one needs to practice severally. The final phase involves the actual exploring of the astral plane. Here the first is to confirm that you are actually projecting your soul from the body. The process is followed by exploring further and then finally actual returning to the body. With the above steps, astral exploration becomes an easy thing to do.

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