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How to Have The Best Sport Fishing Experience in Riviera Maya

The Caribbean Coast of Mexico is among the most popular places for sport fishing. In particular, tourists from all over the world visit Riviera Maya for a wonderful fishing experience. There are big fishes waiting for anglers to hook including marlins and Dorado. If you love sport fishing then Riviera Maya is the place to go. However, it is not advisable to just pack your things and book a plane to Mexico. If you want to have the best deep-sea fishing experience in Riviera Maya, you might want to do the following:

1. Plan in advance – Where you want to start your fishing trip? Where do you stay during the entire trip? What dishes do you want to eat? Is there anything else you want to experience during the trip aside from fishing? If you have a plan, you can have a more efficient and fulfilling trip to Mexico.

2. Allocate enough days – You cannot spend just a day or two as it is not a guarantee to catch the fish on the first day. Even if you catch one, you want to catch a bigger one and even a record size fish while on it. Therefore, it is better to set at least a week for your fishing trip. You can enjoy the trip without time pressure that even if unforeseen circumstances occur during the trip, you will still have enough time for a great fishing expedition.

3. Contact a reputable charter fishing boat – Due to the large number of tourists visiting Riviera Maya every year, there are a lot of charter fishing boats available. However, if you want a great fishing experience, look for a reputable charter boat. You need a reliable boat as well as a captain. You also need a fishing expert so it is easier to catch the right fish at the right spot. The charter boat should also have the license and insurance to operate for business.

4. Determine your ideal fish to catch – What fish would you like to catch during the trip? You want to make a bucket list so the fishing guide will know where to take you and show you the right technique of catching your ideal fish. You can save a lot of time and energy if you catch the right fish instead of random fishes in the ocean.

5. Prepare sufficient budget – When you book in advance, you will know how much you would need for the boat as well as accommodation. However, you might want to bring some spare cash with you in case you want to buy something or have emergency expenses during the trip.

6. Take a friend or colleague – Unless you can’t find anyone, it is a much greater experience if you bring someone to share the trip with you. See if there is a friend or colleague who is just as enthusiastic as you are for a fishing trip in Riviera Maya.

7. Enjoy the experience and record it – Take a video for the whole trip and take some photos with your catch so you can have to show your experience with your loved ones and friends. Remember to enjoy yourself to the fullest during the entire trip.

Book in advance and make the right preparation.

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