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A safe environment is among the basic requirement prevalent among every person. A common challenge however remains as the rates of crime in community remain high and in most instance continually increase. The police department and the community need to create a combined approach that works towards achievement of crime free society. This s for the reason that there is a ever-lasting perception among communities that police officers are not friendly to members of the communities they serve. As such following these steps may help in making the situation better.

A police department within the region is important. This houses a number of officers who work to maintain safety in the region. In this respect, there must be adequate structures to create room for housing and offices from where the officers work. This need to be done alongside ensuring they are provide with adequate equipments to serve the job as required. This is to ensure they are always within reach when need arises.

Community parks offer criminal with a safe haven. They use the parks as the hideout as they plan for the crimes they intend to undertake. In this respect a special patrol force of police officers need to be established and use all possible approaches to keep the park on check. A such, the criminal are kept at bay by the police. The community in this respect gains with having the community safe for use at all times.

Educating the community on approaches to combat crime is one of the possible steps that help in fighting crime. It means that if a crime occurs, community members within vicinity know of the right steps to follow in order to keep and remain safe. This is alongside the strategies that might come in handy for crime prevention purposes.

Patrols by police officers are always important to the community. The patrols need to focus on all areas of the region they serve. This helps in ensuring there is continued presence of police officers and in such way limit the chances of an attack by the criminals as they can see law enforcers. The community also feel better protected when there is police around and hence ability to undertake their responsibilities with much ease.

Presence of police officers has capacity to create fear among community members. Police officers find this to be a big challenge as they lack the resources that would com en handy in the measures to fight crime. It is for this reason that engagement of police in community events is important. Sports and other community events featuring both parties may work positively towards this quest.

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