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Do More, Be More with Successful Power Hours

Are there many things you can do every day? Do you find yourself clearing your to-do list or do you spend a few minutes turned to hours on social media and only realize that you are nearing nothing? If you always find yourself in this situation, there is one effective method that will help make changes to the way you work and improve the amount of work you can finish in a day. The best part about this method is that you will not be needing any fancy equipment and all because all you need is self-discipline. When you always find yourself in situations at work that make it difficult to get much done, it will be best if you use one or more power hours for a boost of your productivity.

If you say a power hour, you are referring to the whole 60 minutes of your time doing only one thing. The use of power hours applies effectively in the workplace. If you decide to use a power hour, you have to ascertain the thing you want to accomplish at this time. During this hour, you should turn off anything that makes your mind wander with the likes of social media, phones, and even some music. Use a kitchen or computer timer, and set it at one hour. Now, you can sit down, turn on your timer, and focus on the task you have decided to do for your power hour.

What if you are unable to complete your chosen task the entire hour? The answer’s simple, just set another hour. Just make sure to take at least 15 minutes of break. A break is essential to rest your brain for a short while after your intense session of working and then getting back again. What happens if you get the task completed before the hour? That’s great news, tap yourself good work because you went above and beyond you expectations. Give yourself a break and a treat after all the hard work. A treat, in this way, can come in the form of browsing social media. You will be amazed at how much you can do in a matter of 60 minutes. This time is very much short you know.

Once you get the hang of using power hours, you can slowly build them up your daily working routine and schedule particular tasks for each hour, each day. Block out an hour from your calendar to do power hours in accomplishing your task for the whole 60 minutes. If you run a business, you can use power hours to develop new services and products. You can use power hour to do admin work. Power hours can accomplish the tasks of improving your skills and knowledge in business by doing some training, invoicing clients, and preparing yourself for a networking event. If there are tasks that always fall at the bottom of your list, you can complete them during your power hours.

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