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The Advantages of Postpartum Care

Postpartum is that period when a mother has just delivered a baby. This is a very critical moment for the mother, the baby, and the entire family which welcomes the new born baby. A lot needs to be done as the mother adjusts to nursing the baby and as the baby adjusts to conditions on earth. The first six weeks of the postpartum period are very crucial. A mother may have delivered by normal birth or she may have undergone caesarian section surgery to have the baby. Mothers that give birth through caesarian section should be given more care. Postpartum care can be done by doctors, the family, and postpartum experts. The following are some of the reasons that postpartum care is essential.

Postpartum care ensures that the health of the mother is monitored. When they give birth, mothers usually lose a lot of blood. Some mothers bleed more than others. The bleeding is supposed to be controlled to safeguard the life of the mother. The mother is also supposed to be checked for any bowel problems. Mothers are prone to getting fistula at this time. It is, therefore, essential that those health conditions are monitored through postpartum care. If a mother gives birth in hospital, they are monitored for a few days if they delivered normally. Caesarian section mothers stay in hospital for a longer time as their health is taken care of.

The baby’s health is also monitored through postpartum care. A new born is prone to catching diseases easily because their immune system is not developed. They are supposed to be handled with care. The mother should disinfect themselves before carrying the baby. The baby is also supposed to be dressed warmly so that they do not get sick. A mother is taught how to respond to any conditions the baby may show.

Postpartum care ensures that the mother eats healthy. During birth, they lost a lot of blood which they have to recover. They are also supposed to eat healthy so that they produce healthy baby milk that has all the essential minerals. Milk that is rich in essential minerals makes the baby grow up strong. A mother also loses nutrients through baby milk which she has to replace by eating a healthy diet.

A mother will also be taught how to breastfeed a child through postpartum care. Mothers are advised to give their new born babies milk alone without adding anything, not even water. Breast milk has everything the baby needs to grow up healthy. You will start giving them solid food when they are grown, usually more than six months.

The other benefit of postpartum care is that the mother will get emotional support. After birth, there is a lot of hormonal change as the body adjusts from the pregnancy state to normal. Hormonal imbalance can cause emotional problems and, therefore, the mother should be supported. You also have to remember that motherhood is a new experience, especially for first time mothers. Being a mother has many things which someone may not be prepared for. Postpartum care ensures that the mother is given psychological care for starting a new experience.

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