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Importance of Dredging.

Dredging is done by carrying materials from one place that contains water to another. This activity is done by a special equipment referred to as a dredger. Through a skilled operation this floating machine is able to carry out the activity. There are different reasons for performing dredging. It is also done at different locations as required. Majorly this activity is done so as to get materials which are important. It also is used for creating a bigger depth for water. The activity is done in complete deep underwater or shallowly. The activity can hence be done whether in small water bodies or huge water bodies.

There are several processes done in the process of dredging. This processes must be done in the correct follow-up and professionalism to ensure of its success. The process is inclusive of; loosening of the material, extraction by carrying the material to the surface, moving to a different place and disposing of it. Some mechanical processes are used in extraction but mainly suctioning is used. The disposal can be using the material constructively or putting it into infill sites.

Dredging is important in keeping ports and other waterways navigable. This assists in the protection of the coasts and reclamation of land. It also enhances the growth of the coastal regions. This is done when the dredging machine brings together the sediments and transports it to another place. Dredging helps extract important materials that can be of commercial use. They can be minerals of high-value materials like sand and gravel which are used for construction purposes. The acquisition of these important materials like clay, sand, and rocks through dredging is called Capital dredging. A dredger is strong machinery hence is best for this work.

Another crucial achievement of dredging is the land reclamation. This is the process by which land is created from ocean margins,river banks and lake beds, the process is engaging and involves piling of big rocks and materials extracted from the waters to control the water beds.

Beach nourishment is enhanced by the use of a dredge by replacing sand carried by storms or wave action. Through this the recreational importance of the beach are maintained. Dredging also helps in preventing floods. The dredger creates deeper pathways for the water during a heavy downpour. It can also carry materials like sand and stock it at areas with heavy soil erosion to reduce the erosion.

Removing rubbish from rivers, canals, and various water channels is easily done by use of a dredger. And at times the law enforcement has to use the equipment to recover corpses from beneath the water or other evidence. Some people use dredging to acquire clams and crabs which are edible. They grow edible marine creatures at some deep banks like oysters and harvest them.

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