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Cybersecurity Threats And Viable Solutions

Computers and the internet have a significant impact on our lives. They are part of us and have transformed our lives positively. However, information technology systems are also posing cybersecurity threats, and we need to establish sound security measures. While technology is beneficial, it is crucial to take advantage of the positive aspects while reducing the negative ones.


Information is power. When someone has access to a database with sensitive information, they can use it to their advantage. That is precisely what hackers do. They use system weak points to steal or destroy data stored in a computer system. Hackers usually gain access to sensitive details using malicious programs that crack passwords or deactivate security programs. The applications can also record and send details to another computer. Hackers can use the information for selfish gain or cybercrimes.


Cyber-theft cases are prevalent nowadays. Fraudsters use computer systems to access and transfer money in electronic form from one account to another. Cash in your online banking platform could be transferred to the criminal’s account, and you will be fortunate to recover your money. Credit card fraud is on the rise. New tricks and ideas are emerging each day. Fraudsters apply new tactics every time to rob innocent people their money using technology. Unlike the typical theft case, cyber-theft is hard to detect and investigate. A significant number of these cases go unnoticed. The criminals are rarely brought to books because cyber crimes are hard to investigate.


Computer and company networks are prone to attacks by virus, worms, and malware. These are potentially harmful programs designed to destroy other programs and adversely affect the working of other systems. Like the biological viruses, they can be spread through contact or from the internet. They can cause loss of data and damage computer systems within a short time.

How Can You Enhance Cyber Security?

The answer is simple: Apply different cybersecurity measures. Programmers and tech gurus are developing innovative software and tools to protect company networks. For instance, you can now install reliable antivirus to identify, deactivate, and delete virus or spyware from your computers.
You can also create firewalls that protect your company network from unauthorized access. It could be hardware, software or both. The firewall will guard your system from access by hackers and cybercriminals who are out to access and destroy what is stored on your network.

It is also possible to encrypt data and make it hard for outsiders to understand or interpret it. Even if the hackers gain access to your encrypted data, they cannot decode or understand it without the decrypting software. It is important to note that some cryptographic methods are weak and are well known by hackers. It is advisable to stick to the advanced encryption methods that are yet to be cracked.

Lastly, you can enhance cybersecurity by instituting policies and laws that minimize the risk. For instance, you can set standard procedures in the workplace to protect your networks from hackers. If all computer users with access to your network adhere to the standard security procedures, you will reduce cybersecurity risks.

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