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Awakening to a Transforming Planet

Everything about planet earth is mobile. Right from it rotating on its axes on a daily basis. The planet, the organic matter in it, the plants, humans and animal all play a part in making the planet what it is today. It is interesting how so many people on the planet go about their daily chores oblivious of all the changes that surround them. Worse still they are ignorant of their personal changes, and progression or the lack thereof. When one observes or studies the plants and animals, it is evident that they are able to recognize transformation on the planet. They are equally able to awaken and transform with the earth. This may be demonstrated by animal migration and plant adaptation. This article will give some insight on how the planet is transforming and how people should awaken to this reality.

The transformation of the planet cannot be confined or restricted into one aspect but must be viewed holistically. The planet transformation begins with an individual, a community, an area and eventually the planet as a whole. When interrogating the transformation of the earth one can choose to have a narrow view or a wider view. The best place to start is with personal changes. Each person should seek personal understanding and personal awakening. Such a person should awaken to the reality of self and higher self. A good example of self-awakening is being sensitive to your consciousness and its communication to you. A person’s intuition, higher self or inner self has a way of communicating with its environs and beyond thus attracting desirable results to a person.

A person’s intuition is able to prevent misfortunes and attract fortunes for a person. A case in point is when a person disregards, dismisses or belittles their fears and misfortunes, they have a higher change of reaching out to their fortunes. In this regards, a person who meditates more of his or her capability, possible achievements or fortunes is able to attract positive energy toward themselves. Such people attract success, and successful people who propel them to their better self. Many times a person’s constant positive thoughts and intuition can also protect them from possible harm.

Once a person or a group of people has graduated from personal awakening then they move to communal awakening. This communal awakening is what will inspire many people to transform the planet. When a substantial number of people get an awakening of their surrounding and their planet, they are inclined to change it in small and great ways. A case in point is the global warming phenomena. Scientist discovered ages ago that global warming will change our world as we know it. For a long time they sounded the alarm bells but very few people listened. Nonetheless, the scientist did not get weary of warning people that they need to be responsible of the earth in their own small ways and in significant ways where possible. Soon, activist added their voice to this warning. As time went by more people and even governments decided to hid to this outcry and make the necessary changes.

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