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Focusing on Aquatic Physical Therapy

A lot of physical therapists are focusing on aquatic physical therapy today because it is known to give several benefits for big population segments. Aquatic physical therapy is now known to be effective in the treatment of weakened muscles, age-related ailments, and athletic injuries. Physical therapists can use aquatic therapy in the reduction of pain, muscle and joint strains and body strengthening with minimal impact. People who are undergoing physical therapy can also specialize in the aquatic therapy field as it is a good field to enter into.

As one may suspect going by the name, this is a therapy that incorporates the exercises and movements done in water. Movements done in water does not strain muscles, joints or bones as compared to when they are on dry land meaning that aquatic physical therapy is good for people with weak muscles and injuries. Doing exercises is an important element of staying healthy and also recovering from any disease but exercising can be hard if you sustain injuries or if your physical condition is generally poor. You enjoy low impact exercises while in water which also helps in resistance building which helps in building endurance and strength. You do not have to strain lifting weights or use resistance machines while doing water exercises.

For better results of aquatic therapy, and for the client to enjoy full motion, the pool has to be large, and the water should be warm. When water in the pool surrounds the patient they are able to do the exercises more relaxed. There is no swelling the joints or the feet as blood circulates from the heart to the legs. Support and resistance is offered by water buoyancy and the patient’s strength, flexibility, and balance are increased by water resistance during the exercises.

You can build endurance, strength and agility and general health in an aged, injured, overweight or weak patients by starting aquatic therapy as a means of treatment. If athletes incorporate aquatic therapy in their training the results can be very beneficial. Patients suffering from arthritis and other bone-related sicknesses can enhance their cardiovascular and strength with little strain on themselves. At the least, every physical therapy patient can enjoy the aquatic therapy sensations and gain more in their self-esteem, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and balance from the aquatic therapy programs.

Finally, aquatic exercises are using water as the main method of exercising. It can be used as exercise alone or along with other health-related exercises. Any exercises are done in water using water hydrodynamics with water equipment like buoyancy belts, dumbbells, aqua mitts, and noodles all assist in adding resistance and results in an intensive workout.

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