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Steps to End Police Harassment and all Forms of Injustice

In many countries of the world, stories of police unlawful arrests are common stories. The police brutality victims, are violated, looted, harassed, tortured, and sometimes battered to death. Whenever police use excessive force to carry out their responsibility, crimes will multiply in the society and people will abhor their government. It is necessary for people and government to awake and stop the growth of police’ harassment, violence, and unlawful arrests. But if right measures are taken, this problem can be brought to its end, and people will trust again their police service again. This article will highlight some of the key steps that can be taken so as to end police harassment and brutality.

It would be wrong to perceive that justice can easily be attained in the country with just one man’s efforts. Any venture will be accomplished if the majority of the population gives its support towards it. In every society people are willing and sensitive when it comes to fighting injustice and things like police brutality. Since police harassment and brutality have become rampant, everyone if fed about with it. People will support you the moment you will stand to fight what bothers them, like police brutality. All the exemplary societies have had the dark side of their histories, but through the unification of citizenry they have shaped a different society that values everyone. When two or three stands for a right cause they will shortly win the entire society’s support.

Thanks to your effort, you have a significant number of people with you in this movement, but then you need to learn about how your voices will be heard further. Media is the key to propagating your ideas quickly and accurately. Within a short period of time, your countrymen and foreigners will join and support you, just because you have used media to inform them. Thus, you need to learn how to cooperate with media agencies.

Although, police are the culprit, in this case, it does not mean that activists will become enemies of the police. In building peace, all concerned parties have to be present to the table of discussion. The cost of building peace requires such discipline. Thus, you need to address this problem in a decent and courteous way, to the government and to the police headquarters. Activists have to make sure that the question is understood in the government and that police individuals who use excessive power are reprimanded. Not forgetting they have victims of police brutality are affected. The government must fully compensate every victim accordingly and provide forfeiture to the culprits.

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