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Fun Facts About Mardi Gras

This celebration is very popular in most parts of the world. Fun facts about mardi gras explain this major celebration which happens and people come to enjoy. People often prefer to call it in different names such as fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday. During this celebration, people have carnivals as they parade to celebrate this occasion which marks history around the world. It is usually referred to us as fat Tuesday because people always have their stomachs filled with fatty foods before they go into season of fasting.

This rite is important is that animals are sacrificed during the celebration. A couple of goats skins would be cut and the priest would carry the skin and throw it to any woman passing by. This celebration held a great influence on the history of mardi gras. Being hit by the skin was important since it meant the woman would be fertile. Women would go to this event and do anything that would draw the priests’ attention such like exposing their breasts. Many activities marked this event as people would dance, drink and many other activities.

People consumed a lot of traditional foods such as fried breads, pancakes and pastries. These foods mostly were created with eggs, fat and sugar.

The countries which celebrate this event attract a lot of tourists during the event. This event heavily affects tourism in many parts of the country. Since tourists are mostly influenced by activities happening in a certain area during a certain period. They usually visit these countries for fun and the economy is boosted by this.
They have Legal holiday. During the celebration most people who go to work get time to be free and celebrate the event with their colleagues. This is important as many people get to rest and free themselves from their daily activities.

Incorporation with Christianity. The Christians got involved in the activity and made it a local celebration. When Christians arrived in Rome it was easier for them to include it in their activities than remove it from the activities which used to happen.

The color during mardi gras celebration has a meaning. You will notice during the celebration, everything in the city is all green, gold and purple. These colors are mostly common ion cakes, flags and priests beards. Each color has a meaning as gold is for power, purple is for justice and green is for faith.

Whenever you are in attendance of the event, always step on a doubloon which is thrown by krewe and make sure you grab it when thrown and do not try pick it from the ground once you are not able to pick it. This is to avoid injury from the crowd as many people are in attendance.

The length of the beads always matters during the event. It is a tradition for mardi gras throwers and again there are rules which are used by the throwers. Beads are always advised to be at least two feet in length. They are usually made from plastics and are not very expensive to purchase.

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