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All You Need To Know About Community Association Management and What Such Managers Do

You should know that community Association management is all about managing common property and planned communities. Condominiums are a good example of common property and you find that it is a normal apartment and the only difference is that each unit may be owned by a different person. Most rental apartment are managed by property management companies that you will find that when you consider common property and planned communities, the management is shifted to a community Association manager. You will probably find some common ground and similarities when it comes to the two management roles but there are certain unique things about community Association management. Let’s first talk about what a community Association manager does before talking about anything else.

Firstly, it community Association manager will be responsible for running any services of condos and other structured living properties. Such services may include meeting with tenants to examine properties and also oversee any project started within the planned community. A community Association manager usually is very much involved in daily operations of the planned community which is not the same with property managers. Also, they are tasked with acquiring crucial services for tenants such as trash removal and may even be responsible for negotiating the prices of these services. Community Association managers also have to step in once in a while for occasional problems such as tenants needing repairs on their units. Whether it is painting or plumbing problems, it is the community Association manager who will be responsible for ensuring that these repairs are done as soon as tenants report them. In short, a community Association manager ensures that everything within the planned community is going well and that tenants are satisfied by attending to any problems that they report. Once in a while, community Association managers show up to the Board of Directors meeting to provide detailed updates on any issues affecting the planned communities and also to participate in the planning of projects that affect the structured living properties.

The other important thing to know about community Association management is the qualifications that are required for someone to be hired as a manager. The most basic qualification is that you have to be 18 years and above when it comes to the other stuff, you have to consider what state you live in because they will probably be different for each state. For some states, a simple high school diploma is enough to get hired as a community Association manager but you will find that there are other states that require you to be trained and undergo a certain course before you can be licensed.

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