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The Top Interesting Laws That You Find on the Books to Date in the US

The reason why laws are enacted is so that to promote safety and prevent people from getting into crime. In most cases, laws are usually updated over the years but there are some certain laws that seem to be the same throughout. You’ll find that there are some laws that have some hilarious legal consequences which may even motivate people to break the law. In this article, you’re going to learn more about some of the funny laws that are still available in the books in the US.

Out of all the ridiculous laws that are still found in the books today, one of them is on bingo. According to the law, if you are participating in bingo which is one of the most common games in US, you should not spend more than five hours on it. While engaging in bingo games, you should not that the law actually tries to attend curbing measures against gambling, but also requires you to be a great timekeeper.

The other interesting law is on fried chicken. This weird law makes it illegal for you to not eat fried chicken using your hands. To ensure that you do not break this law, you should not even think of using a fork and knife for your fried chicken.

The other weird law in the US today is on marriage. This law clears cousins to get married to each other only after they attend the age of 65. If you happen to get married to her cousin before 65, your marriage is going to be invalid until you hit 65.

The other hilarious law in the US today is on making arrests. There are some states that have opened the opportunity for average people to make a citizen’s arrest even if the cops are not around. While this might sound good, you will find that it is equally a terrible idea because there are other requirements needed to fulfill such as providing people that were witnesses to the crime.

In the United States, you’ll also find some other ridiculous laws on bad breath. So that you can discover more about this law on bad breath, it is advisable that you click here now. You’ll also find that in the US, is a hilarious law on flirting. Another hilarious law that you will find in the United States is on flirting. Be sure to visit the website of this company so that you can find other hilarious laws that are up to date in the US books.

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